GM Field Guide #16: Player Immersion and Engagement

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GM Field Guide #16: Player Immersion and Engagement

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Howdy folks. A bit of an omnibus blog post, I thought I'd tackle some issues with respect to Player immersion and engagement. Capturing some other posts I've made, I'll be throwing more content up and anchoring them here.

Several sections looking at ways to increase Player enjoyment out of the game, leading to fulfilled GMs:
  • story and narrative
  • artwork and imagery
  • gameplay
  • player behaviour
  • cognition (attention span)
  • game flow
Full article at the link. Please Like and Subscribe! ... engagement

What are your tips or tricks to enhancing immersion and engagement with your Players?
Francois DesRochers [A Rifts RPG Blog]
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Re: GM Field Guide #16: Player Immersion and Engagement

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I like what I have read so far
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