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 Post subject: Painting Contest.
Unread postPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:05 pm

Dungeon Crawler

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On the FB page we will have a pose and paintjob contest each Month. This month is Regult Loving Month. Just plain ordinary Regults. People can post pics all month and then vote at the end. Prize at present is only kudos and approbation but that may change. Every month will be a different mecha.

March winds of Death Phalanx Month
April Showers of Death Light Arty Pod Month
May RIP Flowers Tomahawk Month
June Hide from the Heat Scout Month
July work the fields Spartan Month
August will be Ripening with the Recovery Pod
September will be harvest the fruits Veritech Month
October will be hide from death Heavy Arty Pod Month
November will be Give thanks for Air Support Defender Month
December....I think I ran out of units.....Maybe for Wave 2 or just Max or Miriya.

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