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 Post subject: Random Thoughts.
Unread postPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:31 am

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I was just thinking: What would happen if the Black Obelisk (from Chaos Earth: Resurection) were to appear on the Splicers world?

(Side Note: This is more along the lines of a "thought puzzle".)

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 Post subject: Re: Random Thoughts.
Unread postPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:33 am


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i have no idea what it does. anyone have a summary?

 Post subject: Re: Random Thoughts.
Unread postPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:49 am

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i don't have the book yet, but going by the preview PDF's, it is the thing that creates the Chaos Zombies of Chaos Earth Resurrection.

going by the previews, i would say it depends on where the thing ends up. the limited range of the necromantic signal it sends out early on would mean that if it lands in a spot with little in the way of sentient beings or useful machines to turn into resources, it wouldn't be much of a threat. (i'm assuming that the thing would have some sort of effects on AI robots and other robot units)

where would it have to land to have an immediate impact. site of a house? or maybe one of those android filled "ghost towns"?

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