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First of all, hello everyone. I've been a fan of Splicers ever since I stumbled upon it, but only found these forums a few weeks ago. After reading through everything, I wanted to join this great community and lend my own support. I'm a fiction writer when not otherwise working, and thought maybe I could help out wherever needed.

With that out of the way though, I have a question for the forum, has anyone created any support for tentacles aside from the following quote?

Ziggurat the Eternal wrote:
Impersonation Skin

Tentacle Bio-Enhancements

Additional tentacles can be further enhanced from simple tools into devastating weapons. They retain their usual dexterity and abilities, but they are now capable of delivering powerful whipping strikes or gouging bites.

Barbed Tentacles: The tips of the tentacles have been enhanced with a wicked bone hook, and the musculature has been modified to deliver a powerful whipping strike.
Additional M.D.C. for the Tentacle: +1D6 each.
Mega-Damage: 2D8 per tentacle whip. Up to 4 tentacles can whip the same target for a combined damage of 8D8.
Bonuses: +2 to strike and +1 to parry in addition to the standard bonuses from the original pair. Each pair of Barbed Tentacles also grants an additional +1 to entangle.
Bio-E Cost: 5 points per pair.
Prerequisite: Additional Pair of Tentacles that is replaced by (grows into) a pair of Barbed Tentacles.

Devouring Tentacles: The bone hooks on the tips of the Barbed Tentacles can be further modified into gaping mouths filled with razor sharp teeth. These fearsome tentacles can be used to rip and tear their prey to shreds, or the Host Armor can actually use them to feed.
Additional M.D.C. for the Tentacle: +2D6 each.
Mega-Damage: 3D8 per bite. Up to 4 tentacles can attack the same target for a combined damage of 12D8.
Bonuses: +2 to horror factor in addition to the standard bonuses from Barbed Tentacles.
Bio-E Cost: 5 points per pair.
Prerequisite: Barbed Tentacles that are replaced by (grows into) a pair of Devouring Tentacles.

Independence: This is the ultimate enhancement for tentacle limbs. The limb evolves into a symbiotic creature capable of thinking and fighting independently of the Host Armor. It will alert the pilot of potential threats, attack enemies on its own, and even defend the armor when the pilot is rendered unconscious. Of course, the tentacle is still a part of the armor and cannot survive on its own. The creature knows this and will fight to defend the Host Armor even over its own preservation. Since the brain of the symbiotic tentacle is actually located inside the suit of Host Armor, a severed tentacle will regenerate completely given enough time. The symbiotic tentacle knows that the Host Armor must survive in order to preserve its own life. This means the tentacle will even sacrifice itself to protect the Host Armor. The pilot can seize control when he needs to use the limb, but most pilots will simply let the tentacle do its own thing. Each tentacle grows its own independent brain at the base of the tentacle and a row of twelve tiny black bead-like eyes along each side of the tip. The visual range of these eyes is only 100 feet, but that is more than adequate for the symbiotes.
Additional M.D.C. for the Tentacle: +1D6 each plus a severed tentacle will completely regenerate within 3D8 hours.
Bonuses: The tentacle itself possesses two attacks per melee and bonuses of +4 on initiative, +4 to strike, +4 to parry, and +3 to dodge. Multiple symbiotic tentacles can engage the same target, but each tentacle must roll to strike independently. The previous bonuses for the tentacles only apply when they are controlled by the Host Armor pilot. The pilot also gains a bonus of +4 on initiative and cannot be surprised from behind.
Bio-E Cost: 30 points per pair.
Prerequisite: Devouring Tentacles that are replaced by (grows into) a pair of symbiotic tentacles.

Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:59 pm

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Welcome to the Board mate :)

The Baron of chaos has posted:

The serrated whip is charged with elexctricity for additional damage
Prerequisite: Serrated Whip and Electrical Discharger
M.D.C. of the electro whip: the whip is stronger haivng 5d6+15 M.D.C. It does have blue colored tendons wrapping it up
Megadamage: the whip crack with electricity inflicting 5d8 Megadamage for each lash, plus entagled victims suffer 1d12 of additional electricity damage each melee round. Note Organic suffer more as it hurt like hell, is like being whippe and electrocuted at same time! See notes under electrical weapons
Payload: unlimited
Bio-E Cost: 10 Bio-E

Andor posted


This large cannon has a whorled barrel and a mottled sheen like a sea shell. It can be mounted on the shoulder. It fires a thick disk covered with suckers. When it hits it uncoils into a long and immensly strong tentacle that wraps around the target and constricts. It does moderate grappling damage and has a chance to grapple the targets limbs and restrict it's movement.

MDC of the Tentacannon: 1d6X10 + 20 MDC
MDC of the Tentacle ammo: 2d10+10

Mega-damage: 2d6+5 The Tentacle grapples it's target and constricts for 1d6+5 damage per round. The tentacle constricts for 5 minutes if it's not removed or destroyed first. It can be removed by a combined Robotic Strenth of 40. If the tentacle is attacked the target of it's constriction attack also takes full damage.
Roll for secondary effect:
01-10% - Wraps around head: -2 to Strike,parry,dodge and sense rolls.
11-50% - Wraps around torso: No additional effect
51-75% - Traps arms. Arms may not be used until freed.
76-100% - Traps legs. No movment can be made untill legs are freed.

A called shot may be made with standard penalties to target the legs, arms, head, or other target.

Maximum effective range: 300'
Rate of Fire: Each shot counts as one attack.
Payload: 12 tentacles. The tentacles regenerate in 1d6X10 minutes or 2d6 hours for a full payload
Bonus: +1 to strike on an aimed shot.
Bio-E cost: 25 points
Prerequisite: None

just so you know, the tentacle enhancements have in this post were posted by Slappy: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=32567&hilit=tentacles

connecting the dots

Unread postPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 7:36 pm


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Thank you, and glad to be here. Hopefully I'll be able to lend the community a hand. Thanks for the correction and the enhancements. I've been reading through all the posts on here, but I've definitely missed a few. I'm currently writing on a set of characters for a game I want to run. Speaking of that, anyone do play by post on here out anywhere else? I'd like to either run a game or play a game, but my free time is at odd hours so physical groups are a struggle for me.

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