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Unread postPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:28 pm

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More N.E.X.U.S. forces have been discovered and documented! Check it out and see what you think guys! I'm sure we've all used some form of robot canine like this in a game setting or two before but here are some layed out rules Splicers style. Let me know what you think! Comments and criticisms are welcome!


Cyberhouds are vicious robot wolves designed to hunt down, track and eliminate humans. These monstrous robotic dogs are fast and agile; they never tire and will continue a hunt until they are called off by N.E.X.U.S. or destroyed. Their programming allows them to track a quarry, and overwhelm them with ambush tactics and the multitude of mini-missles and other armorments that make these cyberhounds so deadly.
Their size and prowess allows them to follow humans even through the most tight of sewers where other robots are hindered and continue tracking their prey down to eliminate the pests. Sometimes the hounds will track for days waiting for their Machine mind to tell them when the perfect time to ambush their quarry is. Many cyberhounds have been known to attack when a group of Splicers have thought themselves safe and out of the reach of the Machine's forces. These attacks usually herald the emminate approach of even more N.E.X.U.S. forces to insure the destruction of the quarry.
Cyberhounds are mainly used in search and destroy missions, as well as sent out on contact patrols where they roam around known human infested areas to find the humans and report their location, if not destroy them entirely. Being quadipedrial like a real dog, Cyberhounds are capable of traveling across a myriad of terrains and navigating around and through obstacles quickly and efficiently. Cyberhounds are also attached to squads of other robots and support them in their mission, adding an agile mini-missle platform to the group.
N.E.X.U.S. has a vast array of information about humanity, and mankind's past. Seeing as how canines were always seen as man's best friend, it was only fitting that they should become one of mankind's worst enemies, and thus created perverse robotic canines that would hunt down any and all humans they can.

Class: Search and Destroy Canine Hunter
M.D.C. by Location:
**** Mini-Missle Launcher (2) - 45
* Shoulder Mounted Gatling Laser (2) - 15
* Tail Ion Beam - 30
* Head - 70
** Legs (4) - 60
*** Main Body - 100

*A single asterisk denotes a small and difficult target to hit. Only called shots at - 3 strike will hit these targests. As well, if the head is destroyed the machine is effectively blinded suffering a - 6 strike, parry, and dodge.
**Destroying any of the legs will slow the creature down, reducing the maximum speed by 30%. Destroying two legs will immobilize the robot, but it is still free to shoot in the direction of its facing.
***Destroying the main body of the machine effectively destroys the machine itself, shutting the robot down and eliminating any threat it posed. Continued attacks resulting in -100 M.D.C. or more will result in an explosion of the nuclear core in the machine, dealing 2D10 x 10 to everything in a 20ft area.
**** Destroying a Mini-Missle Launcher has a 65% to cause any missles still in the launcher to detonate, dealing damage to the machine according to how many missles were detonated. Roll for damage as if the missle had hit the cyberhound.

Running: Up to 70mph, indefinitely
Leaping: Can leap up to 20 feet across and 30 feet high from a running start
Swimming: 10mph, doggy paddle.
Digging: 10mph through sand or dirt, cannot dig through rock or stone

Stastical Data:
Height: 3.5 feet high on all fours, 4.5 to the tip of the tail ion cannon
Width: 3 feet
Length: 6 feet
Weight: 270 lbs
Cargo: None
Power System: Nuclear, averaging 5 years of life.
Trade Value: None, except to maybe a Techno-Jacker
Physical Strength: Robot P.S. of 23.
Horror Factor: 13 to most people, 8 to Splicers. A pack of three or more increase this to 16 to most people and 11 to Splicers.
Senses & Features: Has all the Standard features of every N.E.X.U.S. robot, plus has a combat tracking computer effectively giving it Tracking (people) at 70%.
Number of Attacks per Melee: Five actions/attacks per melee
Combat Bonuses (includes all bonuses): +4 on initiative, +5 strike with ranged weapons, + 2 strike in hand to hand combat, +2 parry, +4 dodge, + 2 roll with punch, fall, or impact.

Weapon Systems:

1. Mini-Missle Launchers (2): Mounted on the hind end of the robot on each side of the tail is a large box that holds mini-missles. This is a great supporting asset and is used in conjunction with other robots for devastating effects on targets. These missles and the quick and agile platform of the Cyberhound make them especially deadly and able to hunt even the largest of War Mounts.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Tank and Self Defense
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel and Supporting Fires
Mega-Damage: Varies as per missle type. Generally have Plasma(1D6x10 M.D.) or Fragmentation(5D6 with a 20ft blast radius).
Rate of Fire: Single, or in volleys of two, three, or four, six, or eight.
Maximum Effective Range: About one mile.
Payload: 16 total; 8 per launcher.

2. Tail Ion Beam: The tail is curved like a scorpions, and arches over the back of the cyberhound. Built within it is a heavy Ion Beam, a heavy damage weapon but with limited range used for close assaults.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Personnel and Assault
Mega-Damage: 2D4x10 M.D. per blast
Rate of Fire: Each blast counts as one single melee attack.
Maximum Effective Range: 500 ft.
Payload: Effectively Unlimited

3. Shoulder Mounted Gatling Laser(2): Built into each shoulder is a tri-barreled gatling laser that protrudes from the Main Body of the cyberhound. This weapon is a general all purpose weapon and is meant for long range contact and attacks.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Personnel
Mega-Damage: Each burst does 6D6 M.D. Hitting a target with both lasers does 1D6x10+10 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Each burst from both laser cannons is one single melee attack.
Maximum Effective Range: 2,000ft.
Payload: Effectively Unlimited

4. Hand to Hand Combat: Rather than engage with long-range weapons, the cyberhound may choose to fight close quarters with its jaws and claws, biting and ripping at opponents just like a real canine.
Slash with Claws: 1D6 M.D.
Bite: 2D6 M.D.
Rear Leg Kick: 1D10 M.D.
Body Block/Ram: 3D6 M.D. to opponents up to 10 ft tall, and has a 01-50% chance to knock one's opponent off their feet. Counts as two melee attacks.
Pounce: 2D6 and has a 01-40% chance to knock one's opponent off their feet.

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Unread postPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:10 pm

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"Did you see *that*?!"
"You mean the big metallic canine sporting the hind-mounted missile launchers, the Ion-beam tail cannon and the pair of tri-laser Gatlings in it's shoulders?"
"Me neither."

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Unread postPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:32 pm

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Looks good except I think the damage of the Tail Ion Beam is too high. I personally would drop it down to half - 1D4x10. I: would also reduce the payload of the mini-missiles by half as well. Bring it down from 16 total to 8 total.

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