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 Post subject: Ranged Combat FAQ
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#1: Ranged Combat FAQ Author: Guest, Posted: 18 Feb 2005 13:20

Question: Hello! First of all, sorry for my bad Spanish-English spelling. I need a bit of help in this question. Which bonuses are related to each type of combat??? I think the whole thing goes something like this, but I'm not sure, please correct where I'm wrong, thanks:
1: Ranged Attack (personal): WP (rifle, pistol,...) + WP Sniper (if Aimed shot) + WP Sharpshooter + Possible equipment bonus (+1 laser targeting,...)
2: Ranged Attack (PA,Mecha,Jet,...): WP Artillery/Heavy/... + Weapon Systems (another +1 to all attacks) + WP Sniper (does it add if i do an aimed shot?) + WP Sharpshooter (does it add if i get Sharpshooter: Artillery???) + Vehicle bonuses/Vehicle combat bonuses
3: Missile Attack: (PA,Mecha,Jet,...): WP Artillery (There is not a WP Missile?) + Weapon Systems (another +1?) + (+3) or (+5), depending on the kind of missile + WP Sharpshooter (does it add if i get Sharpshooter: Artillery???) + Vehicle bonuses/Vehicle combat bonuses
4: Dodges: ALL ranged attack dodges (bow, laser rifle, missile) are done at -10???
Answer: That's okay, I corrected the spelling errors
1: Correct. Note that the Sniper skill can only be applied to aimed single shots with rifles, and Sharpshooter can only be applied to revolvers, pistols, and rifles (certain books expand the list to include sub-machine-guns, slings, bows, and crossbows).
2: Outside of Chaos Earth, W.P. bonuses while wearing power armor only apply to handheld weapons. For mounted and vehicular weapons you only use the bonus from Weapon Systems (however if you have Ninjas & Superspies there is a distinct W.P. Vehicle Mounted Weapons that can be applied). Sniper and Sharpshooter bonuses do not apply to any attacks made with vehicular weapons, though they may apply to rifles and handguns used in power armor (GM's discretion). In Chaos Earth, bonuses from W.P. Heavy and Heavy Energy do apply to mounted weapons for some reason...
3: Only Weapon Systems and sensor and guidance system bonuses apply to missiles. If using Ninjas & Superspies, there is also a W.P. Artillery skill that applies to vehicular missiles, and a W.P. Infantry Missiles skill for man-portable missile launching weapons.
4: This varies between rulebooks. The penalty is -10 in Rifts and Palladium Fantasy, -4 in Heroes Unlimited and Ninjas & Superspies, -10 against regular guns and -12 against machine-guns in After the Bomb 2e, and generally not mentioned at all in other games. In Rifts, HU and PF the penalty applies to dodging all fast-moving ranged attacks, including bullets, arrows, and energy blasts. In N&S and AtB2e the penalty is only for modern weapons (guns, missiles, etc.). Additionally, each game has other considerations that can raise or lower the penalty (speed, distance, etc.).

Question: If you are like me with only a few Palladium books, you just have to go on the combat rules as listed.
The other day I read somewhere that to dodge bullets and other beam type ranged attacks is at -10.
This changes the game dynamic MASSIVELY.
Is the -10 an actual rule or not?
A rule this important should be part of the Modern Combat rules sections that appear in every Palladium book. The fact that it isn't tells me that the -10 isn't Palladium Canon.
Answer: Actually, N&S uses a -4 penalty to dodge modern weapons, along with HU2 and SF. PF uses a -10 rule and the RGMG and ATB2 use a -10 with no bonuses rule. Splicers and Beyond the Supernatural Second Edition use a -10 at point blank and -5 rule.
It's not a correction, it's a change in the rules. I believe the first time it appeared in a Rifts book was on page 171 of Mystic Russia, and has since become more or less standard, though different books conflict on the exact wording of it. It's up to the GM to decide whether to use a rule or not though, so if you don't have the newer books or don't like it, just disregard it.
KS also provided optional rules for dealing with -10 no bonuses to dodge in both Rifter 17 and further elaboration in "Revised" Rifts Conversion Book.
I think my final answer may be just to pretend I never saw the -10 rule.
Answer (RUE addendum): RUE also uses the Splicers/BTS2 rule.

Question: When players make called shots to the head of a enemy who is wareing armor with 20 mdc helmet. I assume that once 20 damage is done to the helmet that the troop would die. Is this correct?
Answer: If a guy has a helm with 20 MDC and suffers from a called shot to the head, then if he is an SDC "squishy" type (like most who wear body armor are) then he will have his head blown off when the damage reaches 21. If it's equal to the MDC of the body part (or Main Body for that matter) then the armor is depleted, but the guy inside is still fine, though completely vulnerable.

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#2: Author: Guest, Posted: 24 Feb 2005 11:19

Question: Ok I was just wondering. Under the robot training bonuses you get a bonus to strike. Is that just to hand to hand combat? or can that be applied to weapons like rail guns, and missiles? Or would you need to use the heavy weapons weapon proficiency as well? Or would you need the weapons system skill?
Answer: The strike bonuses from robot/power armor training apply only to hand to hand combat. A hand-held weapon carried by someone in a suit of power armor (such as the SAMAS rail gun) would use the appropriate W.P. (typically W.P. Heavy or W.P. Heavy Energy), while a built-in weapon such as a turret-mounted laser would use the Weapons Systems skill (which provides a +1 strike bonus, but that's about it).

Question: When a PC gets a New Critical Range from his Hand to Hand Skill, Do you use this same Range for when the PC is Shooting a Gun?
I'd think not Since Hand to Hand bonuses to Striek do not Affect Modern Weapon Skills: the + from a high PP and gained from Martial Arts at second level dont modify your bonuses to hit with Guns....
this Came up when a Player of Mine wanted to use hit Critical Hit Range of 18-20 when Fiering the RPG in his Gladiator Mecha.
(he also wanted to Apply the Triple Damage Crit from the Mecha Combat skill to his Weapons... I shot that down, as its more impled that bonus is for gladiator Hand to hand)
Answer: Yes, your critical strike numbers apply no matter what weapon you use.
Knockout/Stun, Knockout/Stun from Behind and Death Blow are distinct attacks that you have to declare you are using (except in the case of boxing), and have their own special rules.
Critical Strike and Critical Strike from Behind on the other hand are nothing more than situational damage modifiers that automatically occur whenever their required conditions are met, regardless of what a character is armed with.

Question: Do "Called Shots" need a "natural" 12 or higher to hit?
Answer: No.
#3: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Mar 2005 11:27

Question: Anybody know the required save vs. flashbang or stun grenade?
Answer: No Save permitted! Either you're immune to the full effect, or only distracted for 1D4 seconds, (that's about one or two melee attacks depending on the characters' APM in the affected area), and the loss of initiative. The rules state that anyone without EBA or protective goggles suffers from the effects of the stun grenade. I'd rule that if a character successfully dodges out of the way, they would also avoid the effects.

Question: a Multi-warhead Fires out 4 MRM's apon reaching its target.
dose this Makea Multi-warhead Missles imposssible to Dodge?
how much damage do they Deal?
a Medium Multi-warhead Deal 5D6x10, which is lower then the combioned Damage for 4 normal Medium Rang Missles.
While the Long Range version Deals 2D4 x 100 which is comparable to 4 Med Raneg Missles?
Answer: It would be considered a volley of four missiles for purposes of dodging. Volleys of four or more missiles CAN BE DODGED!
It's called "Air and Space Combat Rules." You can find them in Ninjas & Superspies, Heroes Unlimited, and TMNT&OS (particularly TMNT Guide to the Universe).
The damage they do is listed under the type of missile.

Question: Are fusion blocks considered energy? Can they hurt a cosmo-knight or a creature immune to energy?
Answer: The fusion blocks themselves, no. Setting one off does not hurt a creature immune to energy.
#4: Author: Tinker Dragoon, Location: Newberry, Florida, USA Posted: 1 Mar 2005 13:39

Question: While in power armor, do you use WP's or the bonus for Weapon Systems? If you have something like Sharp Shooter, does that help? I.e. if you have W.P. Sharpshooter with laser rifles, and you're in a power armor, do you still receive the bonuses? Are you really using your sharp shooter skill, or just aiming with the PA?
It seems to me that you would use the skills for smaller PA's where you still would aim using the weapon. Larger PA's and robots would just go with a weapon system, since you are not even really aiming in a traditional sense.
Answer: Well, I was lazy. I found the answer in the FAQ. Weapons used as a turret, or missiles use Weapon Systems. If it's used hand held, it's WP's.
Answer (RUE addendum): Ironically, in Rifts you now evidently use Weapons Systems and W.P. Heavy Mega-Damage Weapons.

Question: It is clear that for personal combat you can find a lot of rules about ranged weapons (guns, etc). Do these rules also apply to robot/mecha/vehicle combat?
Answer: Yes. Certain bonuses may be different, but they follow the same basic rules.
#5: Author: Guest, Posted: 29 Mar 2005 05:52

Question: I've been hearing from some that the -10 dodge rule for guns doesn't apply in Palladium anymore because it is unlisted in Splicers...even though right now staring at page 218 of the Splicers RPG, where it's quite clearly printed, with slightly modified rules of range and penalties. So is this rule standard with all palladium systems now, or does it only apply to the Splicers world?
Answer: Technically, it only applies to Splicers, BTS2 and, evidently Rifts as of the 4th printing of the RGMG, however, new rules appearing in such a fashion are often considered retroactive to Palladium's other games.
So to answer you question, it could go either way, depending on how the GM wants to do it.
Answer (RUE addendum): RUE also uses the Splicers/BTS2 rule.

Question: Now, what I was wondering was, can that -6 To Hit penalty stack with other conditions that make a shot Wild? If you're running and shooting at the same time, that's a Wild Shot. If your character is taking heavy fire himself (a condition introduced in the new RGMG/e4) his attacks are considered to be Wild. If the target is obscured and not easy to see, all attacks against that target are Wild Shots. Can these various conditions stack? For instance, if your character is shooting at a person who is, A) behind the cover if a smoke grenade, and B) is taking heavy fire from another direction, is your character taking the Shooting Wild penalty twice for a total of a -12 To Hit, (or -18 if he's also shooting on the move for a triple penalty), or do you think that once the Shooting Wild penalty has been invoked, that's it and the maximum Penalty is a flat -6?
Answer: NO! Officially, they don't stack.

Question: How much damage can energy weapons take before being destroyed? In the books they never really list them. Also is there any damage to the user of the weapon if it is destroyed in close proximity to the user or his companions?
Answer: Page 111 and 112 Rifts GM Guide gives the MDC of weapons.

Question: I recently read a post about HTH attacks per melee and a question arose.
I read that the attack per melee gained from boxing does not apply to ranged combat actions. Also, in a character's HTH level advancement chart, there are bonuses (# of attacks, strike, disarm,...) and abilities (paired weapons and critical strike 18-20). What applies to using ranged weaponry. Do the attacks from HTH combat apply to guns? What do you take into account for ranged combat?
Answer: 1) They said that in the old FAQ, but they were dead wrong.
Because guns, according to the rules, can be fired once for every melee attack the character has.
2) The attacks from HTH combat applies to guns.
3) W.P. bonuses for the most part. In some instances P.P. will provide a bonus to ranged combat.

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#6: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 May 2005 08:25

Question:Within the new rules for Ranged combat (that I am really digging), Aimed shots now take 2 attacks, Called shots take 2 attacks and an Aimed called shot is 3 attacks. Also you get your PP bonus with firearms which I really dig.
Okay, with that set up, I have a few questions.
1) When it says it takes 2 attacks, does it mean it happens this attack and just uses up an additional. Or does it mean I start it this attack and next attack it goes off using up that attack as well?
2) I assume it's possible to call a shot in hand to hand, say using a TW flamesword to hack at someone's helmet. Will that called shot take 2 attacks like the Ranged Attack?
3) Okay, assuming you shoot at someone in ranged, but don't burst and don't aim (a snap shot). Do you use the Burst value (bonuses halved), or the full bonus just minus the tiny +2 bonus from aiming?
Answer: 1) When it says takes two attacks, you are still only doing one action, it just uses more than one attack. Its just like doing a power punch, one action but counts as two attacks.
2) Happens this action, takes two.
3) Full bonus just minus the tiny +2 bonus for aiming.

Question: I'v seen it posted here many times that P.P. bonuses to strike are not added to ranged combat.
Up till now I've just assumed that this was correct as most of you all here on the boards have much more experience and knowledge of the system than I do but I got curious as to where in the books this is stated as NONE of the people I've EVER played ANY of Palladium's games as EVER done it this way. I've looked through the combat section of the silver hardbound RMB and haven't been able to find such a rule.
I'm not all that good at finding rules so please point me to it.
If possible please quote me a book and page # of where I can find said
"P.P. Bonuses to strike do not count tward ranged combat" rule.
Answer: SB1, p. 7; Unrevised Conversion Book 1, page 8; Ninjas & Superspies, page 132 (Revised N&S, page 134); BTS1E, page 41; Revised TMNT, page 67.
RGMG (4th printing),(as well as BtSN2e and Splicers) do have this rule, but it's a contradiction of the other material.
PFRPG2 uses W.P. Modern Weapons, which DOES allow P.P. bonuses to be used (as does Splicers).

Question: Are the PP bonuses to strike applicable to any of the ranged combat WPs?
Specifically Archery & Targeting but also the more 'modern' weapon proficiencies.
Answer: The bonus from PP is aplicable to ALL ancient style weapons including bows and crossbows, spears when thrown, throwing knives, shuriken, and other "thrown" weapons.
P.P. bonuses only apply to modern weapon proficiencies in certain circumstances/systems.

Question: Wouldn't it make more sense when shooting a computer-controlled gun system or missile to use the skill "Read Sensory Equipment" skill percentage rather than a D20 die roll?
My thinking is that you are manipulating the computer to do what you want more than actually doing it yourself. It's the computer, set with different parameters, that is locking onto the object, not the person aiming the weapon.
What hit-to-miss ratio of Hellfire missiles VS that of a hand-held AT4 or other anti-tank weapon?
This would only have an effect on those systems that can track and adjust their fire and not 'dumb' missiles or bombs.
Answer: No.
The Read Sensors skill is for just that; reading sensors.
Firing built-in weapons would use the Weapons Systems skill.
Besides, Weapons Systems does give a +1 to Strike in addition to the base percentage.
#7: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 May 2005 19:08

Question: Can W.P. Paired Weapons be used for fire arms (eg Pistols, Revolvers & Energy Pistols) or only for Ancient Weapons?
Answer: No.
Paired firearms is an exclusive skill.
Paired weapons is for melee weapons only.
Answer (RUE addendum): RUE adds a note providing penalties for using two guns if one doesn't have Paired Firearms under W.P. Paired Weapons.

Question: a couple of my players were wondering if ion blasters worked like the ion blasters from star wars?..where they tended to interfer with tech and cybernetics.......
i told them that i was pretty sure that they did not but that i would look into it.
Answer: Nope.
They just do standard damage.

Question: I'm looking at this chart of various Nuclear Warheads, and it says for the Nuclear Multi-warhead, which does 2D4x100 mdc, the blast radius is 50 feet. That doesn't seem right at all. Nuclear explosions have ripped temporary holes in the atmosphere before. So is this a mistake or what, and does anyone have a more realistic blast radius?
Answer: They're "mini-tactical nukes" not even tactical nukes, much less strategic nukes.

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#8: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Jul 2005 11:45

Question: It states in the most recently revised RIFTS combat rules that firing a Called shot costs two (2) attacks and/or firing an Aimed/Called shot takes three (3) attacks. Does that mean that your very next two (2) or three (3) attacks used up as in the case of dodge or are those two (2) or three (3) attacks taken merely subtracted from the total number of attacks you have available?
Answer: It depends. There is no statement that these attacks use your next attacks rather than from your total number of attacks, however some people consider the higher attack cost to take aiming into account and use up the next attacks accordingly.

Question: Whats Palladium Books ruling to how phase beamers damages a full conversion borg who only keeps the brain from the original body and gets hit in the head? Will this be address in the new rifts book along with borg hit points and s.d.c?
Answer: Phase beamers do MDC to a borg.
#9: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jul 2005 18:48

Question: Okay, we all know that PP bonuses don't apply to firearms, right?
While looking through PFRPG 2ed skills (specifically looking for all skills that allow a chance to disarm traps), I noticed something in the Weapon Proficiency section, pg 60. The skill is WP Modern Weapons (guns!)
It said that due to dimensional portals/travels, it is possible for a PF character to get hold of and figure out a modern firearm. But then it went on to say:
"Normal strike bonuses from hand to hand combat skills do NOT apply, but bonuses from a high PP attribute or the targeting skill do count."
(underline mine)
So, now we have a source that says PP counts towards guns. So -- is this a typo? A one-setting specific rule? An overturning of the rule that PP doesn't count? Or has it been overturned by the PP doesn't count rule?
Thoughts? I'd like to hear what this blurb officially means when it comes to bonuses to strike with modern weapons.
Answer: P.P. bonuses apply to modern weapons is certain, specific instance, such as when using W.P. Sharpshooting, PF or Splicers' W.P. Modern Weapons, etc.

Question: I was just wondering what the visual damage from a MDC laser would look like. I always think it would burn a hole through someone's body, but that wouldn't necessarily kill them. Course it being a MDC shot it would have to? What if it went through a non vital part of the anatomy? Maybe this is a dumb question and admittedly a GM could say the lasers laced you anyway he wants to eliminate all confusion, but what happens on the unarmored guy who gets a laser blast through the leg or the stomach? I mean plasma I could visualize (I remember when the trooper lost her arm in Starship Troopers by the bug spray) and ion well I guess i could look that up and figure it out but lasers always seemed like it burns a hole through you. Ok that's bad but with immediate care and or cybernetic organs you could maybe survive. The lasers aren't supposed to be like Phasers from Star Trek right? Is that the visual?
Answer: SB1 states that energy pistols make holes the size of a volleyball, and energy rifles make holes the size of a basketball.
Answer (RUE addendum): Page 358 of RUE gives detailed descritpions of how MD Energy Weapons work.

Question: Are Laser Rifles considered Automatic Weapons?
I am asking this because in the original rules submachine guns, machine guns and automatic weapons are considered burst capable. (Rifts Mainbook Pg. 34) To qualify as a short burst 20% of the magazine would have to be fired, (+1 to strike) long burst 50% (+1 to strike) and Entire magazine (+0 to strike?). My question is is it possible to fire an older laser rifle like this (empty 20%, 50%, or the entire magazine in one burst)? The Rifts Game Master Guide under the new optional rules on Pg 39 under burst seems to indicate that most of the older energy rifles, unless burst damage is specifically mentioned like the C12, are only capable of a double shot burst max.
Also under Rate of Fire: Standard. Does this mean the weapon cannot burst? Or that it is limited to a double shot burst? Or does it mean it is capable of aimed, burst and wild fire?
I feel like the question to this should be obvious but for some reason it is eluding me. Or maybe I know the answer and just don't like it. Well thanks.
Answer: No, I don't believe it is.
Under the "Understanding High-Tech Weapons" heading-(GMG pg 40) it talks about pulse weapons being more and more prevailantand how so few weapons can do automatic fire. It goes on to answer the question about older guns that read "attacks per melee:standard, or aimed burst or wild" by saying "it is fair to assume that the weapon can fire a short , two pulse burst".
I know you mentioned that part in your post but I believe the "understanding H.T. Weapons" heading to be seperate from the "Optional Quick and Dirty Rules" that are on pg 39

Question: Just this question (with book and page to back up your answer) PLEASE.
No debating how real world lasers look.
No debating the silence of lasers (GMG p.111 says they are totally silent)
All I want is a canon referance (book and page) as to any visibility or invisibility of any (specific or general) lasers in Rifts.
I have been combing through several sources and have not found any FAQ's to answer this in the SB1 or in the Rifters.
Please take a few minutes and look through any books you have at hand and see if I missed something.
Thanks for your participation
Answer: It varies.
Psyscape, P. 16:
"Laser fire is a truly surreal sight to behold. Being utterly noiseless and having no visible muzzle flash, beams of light appear and disappear in split seconds."
...sure, it's not in the rules, per se, but if anybody can find something that says they are invisible to counter this canon story written by Kornmann & Siembieda, then more power to you.
From rifts mercenaries, page 40: 'The laser beam seemed to appear out of nowhere, for an instant linking Cutter and the monster across the thousands of feet separating hunter from prey.'
RGMG, page 177; Wilk's Laser Knife: "The laser is projected in the visible light specturm and resembles a magic energy blade or Psi-Sword."
Merc Ops, page 104; Wilk's Laser Sword: "When activated, a three foot (0.9m) long, visible laser blade projects from the handle."
Merc Ops, page 105; Wilk's LRD-10: "How the LRD-10 works is that it projects an invisible laser beam to target objects for preceision, laser-guided targeting."

Question: he other night I had a thought. In the new ranged combat rules (introduced in Splicers, BtSN2e, and 4th edition RGMG) the new To Hit for all ranged weapons is a flat 8, regardless of range. Meanwhile, the To Hit number for point blank melee with club and fist is still the old familiar 5 or better. These numbers are a given and are not in question.
Now, what about missiles? They are ranged weapons, BUT they fly and steer themselves (self guided) and trigger their explosive payload by making a ramming maneuver. To me, that sounds more like a AI controlled melee attack than a ranged one by the shooter. As such, I'm leaning towards the thought that they should hit on a 5 or better. That certainly would help in justifying their hefty expense. What are your thoughts on the issue?
Answer: Missiles are a ranged weapon and need an 8 or better to strike.

Question: Sovereign raised a good question in the Rifts board that got me thinking. We all know that in order to optimize the range of a laser weapon for firing underwater, it has to be in the Blue-Green spectrum. But what's the range of a normal laser when fired underwater... or the range of other MD weapons for that matter? So what are the various range reductions of the normal weapons by class when fired under the waves...
Ion Beam:
Particle Beam:
Rail Gun:
Other that I may be forgetting just now:
Answer: Rifts Underseas, page 173:
Reduce laser blasts by 25%, reduce plasma blasts by 67%... Throwing range is reduced by 90%.
Also, judging by the range listed for the underwater railgun, at least a 60% reduction in range, however, the Kittani Underwater Railgun is optimized for underwater use.
The Triax X-6000 railgun sees a 70% reduction in range.

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#10: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Sep 2005 20:10

Question: what W.P. do you need for them? throwing kind not luncher.
Answer: W.P. Grenade (throwing). See N&S.

Question: Doesn't this "-10 to dodge and no bonuses" rule for ranged combat pretty much reduce all modern weapon combat to a flat-out slugfest? You can't parry, you might as well not bother trying to dodge... it ends up at "He who has the biggest gun and heaviest armor always wins."
Answer: The rule as such no longer exists in any of Palladium's games.

Question: ok, the dodging thread covered one question. im gonna go out on a limb and assume that beyond 50ft there is no penalty to dodge. now, i dont see it in there but, once again, im gonna assume that the "standard" rate of fire has been booted and energy weapons use up one melee attack per blast(or pulse as the case may be). am i reading that right? i havent touched my Rifts books in i dont know how long. since i picked up the Ultimate Edition(which rocks!) yesterday im all geared up to run a game for my players. Since the advent of 3rd ed DnD and the way they've incorporated the use of minis, grids, and tactical combat without seriously detracting from the importance of Role-playing(munchkins aside) i've realized that visual aides DO help. i was wondering if anyone has possibly concoted a method for using grid maps in Rifts for movement, placement of cover, civilians, blast radius, etc....? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Answer: What the new (universal) ROF seems to mean is that each pull of the trigger counts as one attack.
So unless the weapon lists bursts/pulses, it can't fire any bursts/pulses.
I predict that the fix for weapons like the JA-11 is that a specific burst/pulse setting will be added to the ion beam. Probably a 2-shot pulse for 6d6 MD, but possibly a 3-shot pulse for 1d6x10 or so.
We'll just have to wait for further clarification in later books.
#11: Author: Guest, Posted: 30 Sep 2005 19:51

Question: A clarification,please;on page 361 of RUE,it says that a rapid-fire pulse with an energy weapon counts as one shot with full bonuses.Do the burst rules also apply,so that a weapon doing 1d6x10 MD could do 3d6x10 on a burst with only half bonus penalties?On weopons with an unlimited payload,this could create problems,to say the least.An official answer from Palladium would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
Answer: No, burst rules don't apply.

Question: In the RUE, burst firing as in short, long, entire clip bursts, don't exist anymore. I would prefer to keep it but, myself, my GM's, and friends have never exactly understood the rules for what can and cannot burst like this.
Also, I keep hearing about the "double click" rule. My GM book is still in the mail, so could someone kindly explain that to me?
Answer: Eneryg weapons can no longer do bursts (except Rail guns which typically fire bursts). For "double click" I assume you're referring to the "Rapid-Fire Pulse" which some energy weapons can do, this isn't considered a burst, and the rules for it can be found on page 361 of RUE.
#12: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Dec 2005 12:23

Question: With range combat being so powerful (ie: -10/-5 to dodge) why would anyone get into melee range at all? Also in conversion book 1 it has rules about parrying blasts, does that not apply anymore? Thanx in advance for any response.
Answer: There are several reasons for melee combat to occur. So far in RUE, the only way to parry energy blasts is by using W.P. Shield and an appropriate object, or to have an OCC that allows you to parry energy blasts.
#13: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Jan 2006 12:20

Question: Under the sharpshooting W.P.
Ability #5 is to "dodge, roll, or somersault and come up shooting"
Does this mean characters can dodge + shoot in one action?
Answer: Short answer, yes.

Question: 1) Whats the new rules about shooting down missiles in Ultimate?
From what i see, you do a normal attack on them, but since you get a penalty if it moves 20 miles per hour and another 1 per 50, then a not so fast missile would give you a penalty of over 20, making it very hard to hit or does that not apply for missiles?
Answer: 1) Buy the book
2) It just means that you're really only going to be shooting mini-missiles and short range missiles with any chance of success.
#14: Author: Guest, Posted: 4 Feb 2006 19:18

Question: 1) When using a longbow and making a called shot to the head for instance is it considered a critical strike.
2) Also, since you are a long bowman and have a special aimed shot with a bonus to strike do you still have a penalty for a called shot.
3) Finally, what is the penalty for a non-long bowman to parry or dodge a fired projectile weapon such as an arrow or crossbow bolt.
Answer: 1) No
2) Yes, but the bonus counts twords negating the penalty
3) -10 in Palladium Fantasy, it differs in other games.

Question: I have looked High and low and cant seem to find the rules for when a object like a mega damage bird of prey does a power dive on its intented target. I know there use to be a Ram Damage chart some were for if you were hit by say a truck but I cant seem to find. So I am asking for help I need reference numbers and book if u got em?
Answer: HU2 has vehicle to whatever damage stuff on pages 83 - 90; N&S Revised has similar rules on pages 135 - 142; Rifts has very vague modern "vehicle" combat rules right after the skills, in the combat section...

Question: 1) How do you dodge energy weapons ?
2) RUE says that you do only apply P.P and O.C.C bonusses ?
Does that mean you do not use Acrobatics and HTH bonusses for dodging ?
(Makes no real sense because someone trained in acrobatics should
be able to dodge better than someone without acrobatics).
3) Even if it is impossible to dodge an energy bullet when it is shot,
you can still move out of its way before it is shot, and here
acrobatics should be a real help ?
4) How is dodging from energy bullets handled when piloting a robot ?
5) Do i add the dodge bonus from the robot ?
Even if you think that the rules from the Game Masters Guide make
sense, it should still be added since the bonusses are partly sensor
based ?
Answer: 1) You apply P.P. and O.C.C. bonuses only.
2) Exactly, Acrobatics & HTH bonuses do not apply.
3) Not according to the rules as written.
4) You add the robot dodge bonuses.
5) Yes

Question: 1) Most of the time only the maximum speed is given for robots.
So when do running and the shooting wild penalties start ?
(How fast is considered walking and what running)
2) How do you handle acceleration, or do you just forget about it ?
Answer: 1) The Wild penalties apply if the robot is moving at all.
2) Palladium doesn't cover acceleration.

Question: This will seem like a really lame question but I'm looking for clarification. The called shot is 12 or greater to strike the target.
Now is that a 12 on the initial roll of the d20 or can bonuses be included to bring a lesser number up higher than 12 and thus a strike?
Answer: the latter.
so if you need a 12 or greater to strike, have W.P. Rifle at level 5 proficency (+4 strike) and sniping (+2) then you only need a 7 or higher to hit (assuming it dosn't dodge). It's useful to note that RUE, Splicers, and BTS2 no longer use the old Called Shot rules.
#15: Author: Guest, Posted: 4 Mar 2006 16:19

Question: i can't seem to find a target number for shooting down missiles, is it just a called shot of 12 or higher, or is it more difficult? Also, does the size of said missile factor in to the targeting shot?
Answer: In the newer ranged combat systems, it requires an 8 or higher (Splicers, BTS2, and Rifts as of RUE). Older games still use the 5 or better standard.

Question: In RUE, pg. 364 (and Heroes Unlimited, pg. 82, plus numerous other Palladium-verse setting books), it states that "Multi-Warhead" missiles fire off a volley of four medium range missiles when they near their target. The two missiles that have this capability inflict 5D6x10 (MRM-Multi) and 2D4x100 (LRM-Multi) respectively. What is not clarified is whether this is the damage of each of the four sub-munitions missiles or the collective damage of the entire four-missile SM volley? And if it is for all four that launch from the larger missile's housing, then what do you do in terms of calculating damage if the defender shoots down one or more of the sub-munition missiles in that volley of four? It would be a lot easier to figure this stuff out if the books detailed exactly what type of MRM the sub-munitions were, (like for instance the MRM-Multi Warhead could be claimed to have four Light HE MRM's while the LRM-Multi Warhead has four Plasma MRM's based off the numbers), but unfortunately the don't.
Answer: allright, the listed MWM (multi warhead missile) damage is the total damage for the volley. For shooting down the submunitions, you'd have a -3 penalty.
#16: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Apr 2006 12:29

Question: I am having trouble determining the ROFs of weapons. BTW I only have the older 1992 Rifts Core rule book. Not the new RUE that seems to be out and about.
Under its description it may say any of the following.
Standard, Aimed, wild or burst.
Standard, see modern weapon proficiency Section
Equal to number of hand to hand attacks of the user.
1) Is it safe to assume that the first 3 are all the same?
2) Lets say i am using the TX 5 Pistol from the SB1. It says under rate of fire that it is standard... Does this mean that it can fire burst?? or does it only fire single shots. I find it very hard to determine which weapons fire at what ROF's. I myself would assume that it fires single shots.
3) Also, for example, the TX 16 pump rifle, this also says standard, but i am pretty sure that it does not fire busrt due to the fact its a pump weapon.
4) So, does one assume that ALL pistols fire single shots, all pump actions fire single shots, all rifles can fire bursts... I find it very hard to tell.
Answer: 1) Yes
2) No, pump weapons work similar to pump shotguns or single shot grenade launchers. Each pump/shot counts as one attack.
3) Nope, no bursts
4) All semi-automatic and automatic weapons, including pistols, can fire bursts and sprays unless a specific number of shots is listed.
#17: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 May 2006 22:00

Question: Let me begin that I am a big fan of the Simultaneous Strike. Sure, it is a very vicious tactic, but I am pretty certain that is is also very underused. Vampires in Rifts? Unless you are swinging a stake for their heart shouyld probably be Simul Striking every attack (I think that they can trade damage pretty well what witht he crazy regeneration).
It works really well for those bruiser types in HU2 as well - sure, you get some guy with +20 to dodge and parry and strike, but he might not be hitting so hard. So, your average APS Stone guy will just wait (even if he wins initiative, but more on that very soon) until the less strong guy goes to attack and BLAMMO lets loose with a power punch. Diagnosis? Broken ribs...
In any event, what concerns me is the initial attack of combat and the simul strike. Say you have two gunslingers facing each other down. Initiative is rolled and determined. The one who draws first does so and shoots. Now, the second shooter has (at least through the majority of combat versions that I have seen through Palladium) the option of simul striking this guy, despite the fact that he was lesser off the draw. So say the second shooter knows that his opponent is using paired laser pistols and the second shooter has activated some Impervious to Energy field. Why not simul strike? Or maybe he just knows he has superior armor. Or that his weapons will put a much bigger hurt on the other guy. Or WHATEVER.
Shouldn't there be some sort of initiative differential cutoff where on that first attack you shouldn't have the opportunity for a simul strike? I can see if the difference in initiative is small there is good reason to be able to (like if it is maybe 1 or 2 points). But if you waaaaay outdrew the guy? Should he still be able to take a "free" shot at you?
Answer: Simultaneous Attack is independent of initiative. The key thing to keep in mind is that, unless the character has a special skill which allows them to draw and shoot in the same melee action (i.e. Paired Weapons: Pistol & Revolver for the Gunslinger), it takes an action to draw a weapon.

Question: In figuring out the bonuses to hit something for another thread, I realized there was something missing. I can't find anything about the Close Proximity Strike Bonus. Is it in a different section of RUE or was it removed?
The CPSB is listed on page 40 of the hardcover main Rifts book.
Answer: It's been removed from RUE.

Question: when I parry MDC blasts or other forms of MDC attacks with these, my GM (who is brilliant, btw) claims my swords will "take the damage" ie. if the blast would have caused my char to lose 1d6 MDC and I parry said blast with one of my swords, then the sword will lose 1d6 MDC. He has read it somewhere, he says, and it seems reasonable enough.
The only problem I have with it is that my swords (Maa Rohk Cras) have a description saying that they can only be damaged if somebody "specifically attacks the weapons with the intention of destroying them" or some other wording.
What is the canon answer to this - do my swords take damage from parrying attacks directed at me or not?
Answer: Well, since RUE contains the latest information and states only shields take damage from parrying energy blasts (in fact, they're pretty much the only thing you can use to parry energy blasts according to RUE), the swords would only take damage if someone spefically attacks them and could NOT be used to parry blasts from energy weapons or bullets.

Question: Does a person get their P.P. bonuses to parrying energy blasts when wielding a lesser rune weapon?
Page 127 of the Atlantis book shows there is a -6 penalty but doesn't mention bonuses.
I have found a few threads that address the issue, but I can't find a canon answer anywhere.
Answer: According to RUE, unless you have W.P. Shield, you can no longer parry energy blasts.

Question: While answering another post on the Rifts Board, a question came to mind regarding the new Moving Target penalty in RUE. Is it based on the individual or is it relative? Let me give some examples here...
A Triax Predator and a Sidewinder Samas are mixing it up and during their fight they find themselves in a few positions.
A) The Predator strafes the still and earthbound Sidewinder from the sky and the Sam shoots back. Since the Predator is going 250 mph the Sidewinder is at a –5 to shoot him out of the sky, (given). But what about the Predator? Though the Sidewinder isn’t moving, the Predator is making the sam’s relative speed to his own position 250 mph as he closes in. Should the Predator have to deal with the –5 penalty as well? (probably not, but maybe.)
B) The Sidewinder takes flight and accelerates up to 250 mph as well. After a little maneuvering the two find themselves racing towards each other individually going 250 mph, but relatively they are closing in on each other at a combined 500 mph. Do they have a –5 to hit each other or a –10?
C) The more maneuverable Sidewinder gets behind the Predator’s tail and is tight on his six. Both are going 250 mph but relatively speaking they are matching each other’s speed with neither one moving towards or away from one another. Other than the –1 for evasive maneuvers granted to the Predator, is the Sidewinder at a –5 to shoot the Pred or does he have no additional penalty at all (-0)?
Thoughts? Oppinions? Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear?
Answer: 1) The Predator would use the "shooting from a moving vehicle" penalty.
2) To keep it simple, I recommend applying the "shooting from a moving vehicle" penalty in addition to the RELATIVE moving target penalties (i.e. the lower value).
3) No additional penalty is my suggestion.

Question: I have a couple of questions for shooting down missiles. I don't see anything about shooting at missiles other then pages 353-365. I noticed some other threads, but I didn't see any "official" rulings, plus I am curious how most people are playing these:
1) How fast is a missile travelling when it comes out of its launch tube?
2) Is it considered to be moving at full speed on launch?
3) Unless there are special rules for shooting missiles, shooting down a missile that moves at 500mph is -10 to strike based on just its speed. Is this correct?
Answer: 1) It's generally assumed to be traveling at full speed.
2) Yes, Palladium doesn't typically take acceleration into account for ease of play.
3) There are special rules for shooting down missiles (RUE, pages 364-365), however, while no mention of penalties is listed, no mention of bonuses is listed either, which means that either A) There are no bonuses OR penalties for shooting down missiles or B) All applicable bonuses and penalties apply. B is more likely correct since Palladium's combat standard is that all applicable bonuses and penalties apply (RUE, page 334, 360, and 361). However, GMs may, for simplicity's sake, choose option A.
#18: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Jun 2006 19:49

Question: 1) In both the main book (RUE) and the GM's guide, there are no stated bonuses to strike with Energy Pistol and Energy Rifle, is this correct?
2) Does this WP just give you the ability to not fire wild? If so, it seems a little off if you ask me.
Answer: 1) See Weapon Modifiers on page 361 of RUE along with Modern Weapon Proficiency on page 360 of RUE.
2) No it does not.

Question: 1) OK, prior to the RUE/RGMG changes (as introduced in Splicers) Wild Shots were -6 without the WP, no bonus or penalty with the WP - is that correct?
2) In the new rules, it lists Wild Shots as -6. Does that apply whether or not you have the WP skill for the type of weapon? And if you have the WP, do you add the normal bonuses (WP bonuses + equipment bonuses) then subtract 6, or is it a flat -6 (just as if you were untrained)?
Answer: 1) This is somewhat debatable, as the RGMG had a blurb to the effect that certain conditions were considered shooting wild, and the penalty for shooting wild is -6. HOWEVER, nowhere does it state that characters with the W.P. have the -6 penalty for shooting wild. What is stated (twice in the RGMG), is that they have no bonuses to strike when shooting wild. Prior to the RGMG, there was clearly no penalty for characters with the W.P. Shooting Wild.
2) The RUE rules are somewhat interesting as it says that, "....applies to even trained weapons experts when the character is [insert a bunch of conditions here]..." However, it's clearly the intent that characters with the W.P. suffer the penalty, but still retain their bonuses (in other words, if you have the W.P., all applicable bonuses AND penalties are accumulative).
#19: Author: Guest, Posted: 3 Jul 2006 13:49

Question: I admittedly have not looked all the way through R:UE yet, but I can't find the old short and long burst rule.
Could you still unload, and be shooting wild?
I have fond memories of spending all my actions wildly unloading on a helpless SAMAS.
All I have found so far are three shot pulses, but not the old x4 short and x10 long burst damage from older editions. Did I miss something?
Answer: The original Burst/Spray rules are no more.
Currently, the only weapons that can burst or spray are those weapons that specifically say that they can do it.
SDC rifles and SMGs can burst/spray still, with slightly different rules that are listed under the weapon in RUE. You could adapt those rules to MD weaponry if you want.
#20: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jul 2006 11:41

Question: Just got RUE and am now going through it, what happened to the +3 strike weapon skill bonus you got at first level on an aimed shot
Answer: It was replaced by a +2 to Strike for Aimed shots and the individual W.P. Bonus.

Question: If one character is vibro-blading a villain, what happens if another character wants to shoot at the villain (from 100 yds or from 5 feet)? Are there chances the bullet or energy blast hit the other character and not the villain? How do you determine these?
Answer: If the hero's body is providing cover for the Villian's torso, then a Called Shot would be needed to attack the villian. A failed called shot (unless it missed entirely) would hit the hero instead.
#21: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Sep 2006 06:22

Question: ok this always starts a heated debate in ne of my gaming sessions, what are the new rules on bursts from modern laser and conventional weapons. In R:UE there seems to be no burst rules. What happened to the short x3, long x5, and full x10 rules. This was the gun bunnies life savers, now it seems to be gone. I know a when a gun bunny unloads his payload on you its so hard to live through it with the dodge minus rules, but take you standard weapon and go out to your car and unload the whole clip on it and you no have a broken car. I would really just like to know offically how this should be handled. Also spary and wild rules would be handy too.
[/b]Answer[/b]: There are none. Only the guns that specifically state that they do bursts can fire bursts.
#22: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 Oct 2006 08:58

Question: What constitutes a projectile? I know that hard ammunition like bullets, rail gun ammunition, missiles etc. are all projectiles but what about soft ammunition like Naruni plasma cartridges.
Answer: Any solid matter projected by external force. Energy attacks are not projectiles.

Question: When dual wielding a pair of firearms, using paired weapons, do the bonuses from scopes, accessories and weapon modifications stack? For example would the bonuses from both guns having laser targeting scopes (+3 on aimed shots) and custom grips (+1 to strike) stack for a +2 to strike and a +8 on aimed shots?
Answer: No.

Question: I am fairly familiar with the mechanical aspect of armor piercing missiles of today. Basically you have a double warhead. There is a shaped charge on the very tip. This initally penetrates the outer armor and weakens the structural integrity of the surrounding area. The second and main explosive shoots either some molten metal (usually copper) or some type of pellets (similar to firing a shotgun point blank at the hole made by the first explosive) into the machinery or personel space.
I would like to know how the Palladium staff would explain how there is a snowballs chance in hell of a medium range missile tactically fired at the critical points of some of the robot vehicles legs, can disable the leg, other than blowing the leg off with overkill.
I like to run and play games that the player can use the weaknesses of armor faults to inflict greater damage. otherwise, its basically two giant robots in a boxing ring. I am thinking along the lines of the Mechwarrior strategies while writing this question.
Basically, How are armor piercing missiles armor piercing in an mdc environment?
Answer: They do double damage on an 19 or 19 and triple damage on a Natural 20.
#23: Author: Guest, Posted: 3 Nov 2006 11:59

Question: 1) Color me stupid for a second here, but I was wondering, since the modern WP's have changed to having just a bonus to strike, when a character has the WP sharpshooting skill would you add the aimed shot bonus to the strike bonus or leave it as a separate bonus?
2) Same question applies when you are using sharpshooting on WP Archery.
Answer: 1) It adds to the aimed shot bonus.
2) It adds to the strike bonus.

Question: 1) What are the exact current official bonuses for these items and what stacks?
After going thru several books, I found several different listings for the bonuses on said items.
Rifle Scopes and Rifle Scopes with Cross hairs (theres a difference?) have anywhere from +1 to +3 to strike on an Aimed shot only. Some of them give +1 to strike w/o an aimed.
Laser targeting, I was finding +1 or +2 to strike in general, or +1-+3 to strike on aimed shots. I know laser targeting and Scopes don't stack.
Multi-optic eye comes with the aiming recticle which gives a static +1 to hit.
Pistol laser sights by Wilks give +1 to hit on aimed shots and +1 init.
Ok so....I guess what I wanna know is.
2) What bonuses do rifle scopes get? And is there a scope and a cross hair scope (I think this is just badly written)
Is it +1, +2, or +3, and is this in general or aimed shots only?
3) What does laser targeting give? +1, +2, or +3 and is it aimed shots only?
4) Does the target recticle on Multi optic eye stack with all of these, or only the laser sighting?
Answer: 1) In general, you use the specific bonus listed with the item in question.
2) Depends on the scope. The cross-hair sight is a targeting modification to gun scopes (several gun scopes have the sight already factored in). The bonus only adds to aimed shots.
3) Depends on the laster targeting designator. It only applies to Aimed shots.
4) The optic bonuses work by super-imposing crosshairs over the target. This shouldn't stack with other sorts of targeting systems or scopes.
#24: Author: Guest, Posted: 31 Jan 2007 20:08

Question: Do you still need to roll a 12 or better for a called shot under the new ranged combat found in RUE, Splicers and BTS2?
Answer: No, but there are possible penalties for small targets.
#25: Author: Guest, Posted: 3 Mar 2007 08:49

Question: What are the penalties for shooting a two handed weapon with one hand?
In Rifts Game Master Guide there are two conflicting rules. Under W.P. Sharpshooting it states, "the shooter loses all strike bonuses." In the weapon section under Triax Forward Sliding Clip (FSE-Clip) it states all rifles are -1 to strike when fired one handed.
Which is correct? If nether is right what is the rule.
Answer: The penalty is the shooter is considered Shooting Wild, with it's associated penalties.

Question: 3) How does burst fire work? I didn't see any rules, could have missed them, but is it consider a normal attack that just uses 3 rounds? (I do have teh Ultimate Rifts book, and was this rule left out on purprose due to it not even worth mentioning or by accident?)
Answer: 3) Bursts are covered on pages 328-329 and 361 of RUE.
#26: Author: Guest, Posted: 1 May 2007 16:28

Question: I was wondering why it is -8 to parry energy blasts with a shield and only -6 to parry with a magic weapon (rune weapons ect), especially when say using the indestructible tattoo shield from atlantis, it just seems to me it would be easier to parry with a shield than an actual weapon?
Answer: Currently, in Rifts, you can only use shields to parry energy blasts and the like. The magic weapon parrying rules have been eliminated.

Question: what are the rules for moving in combat as per say your in samas power armour rules say -1 to strike with ranged weapons for moving 20mph and -1 for every 50mph over 20mph so samas power armor moving at 300mph would be -7 to strike i think but i can't find single rules that says you need spend a melee attack action on movement ie Charging ur emeny for close combat moving really fast to be harder to hit ..
Answer: For the penalties of movement and combat, see Juicer Uprising, page 27.

Question: 1) I had a couple questions that I couldn't find an exact answer for. One, for beings with ranged attacks like someone with energy expulsion powers or a dragon's breath attack, does the penalties of no bonuses to dodge and minuses that apply to firearms(-8 to -10 depending on the setting) also apply to them? If someone's firing light or fire or electricity from their hands or eyes, I imagine this to be a fast attack. Would it be equal to the speed of a bullet or energy weapons attack?
2) Also, for Nightbane with gun limbs, can they use their PP bonuses to aim and strike their opponents? Or do they use the weapon proficiency bonuses for the WP of that weapon type? Or do they use both due to them being natural extensions of his body and replicating a firearm?
Answer: 1) Yep. In the current Rifts rules, the dodge penalty for ranged attacks specifically applies to "gunfire or energy beams (from energy weapons, monsters, psionics, or magic)" (RUE, p. 361). The rules in HU2 make a similar inclusion for Energy Expulsion powers.
2) While it is true that the weapons are physically merged with the character's hands/arms, it appears that they can still be aimed and fired normally (including the use of bursts and sprays), making them equivalent to handheld weapons, not natural ones. The standard Modern W.P. rules would apply.
#27: Author: Guest, Posted: 2 Jun 2007 10:14

Question: Okay, laser weapons, when they hit you, burn a hole through you and cauterize the wound at the same time (I dont remember which book it's in, but I remember reading it somewhere).
Now, if a player character who has 20 HP and 35 SDC get hit, lets say, in the leg with a laser derringer for instance. The hole shouldnt be very big, the same size as a derringer's bullet, and it should go through the leg, cauterizing the wound. The shot does 5 MD. Now, I don't know about you guys, but 5 MD to the leg would not kill the guy. Here's my reasoning. Yea, it's 5 MD and by the rules, that would be 4 more MD than neccessary to kill him. But the hole is a small hole and is cauterized. It's not an explosive, so the leg isn't destroyed. But I wouldn't call the guy dead due to a shot in the leg. Chest, yea I can see it, due to the shock to the system. Head, yes, due to the shock. Not truly due to the damage, due to shock. So, maybe a shot in the leg would kill, due to shock, but a roll under ME maybe.
So, my question, is there any rule in the books that deal with this situation? I mean, yes, damage wise, the guy would be dead, but even in the RGMG, KS says to use common sense with modern guns.
Yes there will be pain, but would 5 MD that hit the leg, or an arm, kill the guy?
Answer: Page 359 of RUE. Section titled: Beating the Odds Optional Guidelines for treatment of a near fatal MD injury.
It covers rules for MD attacks just blowing off limbs and things and chances to survive MD blasts for SD characters.

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Question: The rules regarding the use of Shields vs. ranged attacks say that they can be used to parry such shots, but only on a straight roll (no bonuses) with a -8 penalty (RUE 327). This effectively makes shields unusable as a reactive defense. But what about as a proactive one?

The rules over Ranged Combat say that if a person is behind cover and the attacker has something to shoot at, (be it a partial limb, when he pops out to take a pop shot, ... ) the defender can still be shot with a Called Shot (RUE 361).

So with that in mind my question is this: Would it be reasonable for a character to take a SWAT style shield (MDC of course) and proactively (with initiative) hold it between himself and a potential shooter LIKE SO, and define it as "cover" making it so the shield takes damage on normal attacks, makes it harder to shoot the guy behind it, and still allows for mobility of the defender?

Answer: Survey says yes.

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Question: So my old group handled missile damage as target took full damage to main body. Others in blast radius took half damage, also to the main body. My new group has it as full damage to main body and half damage to arms, legs and head, basically leaving limbless torsos littering the area.

My understanding was that unless the attack was a called shot (which cannot be done with missiles) all damage was to the main body. So how is it suppose to work?

Answer: Missiles always strike the main body, but anything in the blast radius also takes half damage. Some GMs take this to mean that robots and vehicles will take half damage to all hit locations that fall within the blast radius, although the books are not entirely clear about this.

Question: Do you get your P.P. and other dodge bonuses when dodging energy weapons or bullets?

Answer: In the current rules, yes.

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Question: When a pulse rifle does a triple shot pulse, does that count as three shots off of the ammo or just one?

Answer: Generally, it counts as three shots, if the weapon's payload is listed in terms of single shots. If the payload lists a specific number of "pulse blasts" or "bursts" available, use that number instead.

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Question: I've been having an argument with a player. The sharpshooting skills enable a character to fire a weapon, like a rifle, one handed. The character also has paired firearms and wishes to use two rifles at once. I'm arguing that it's impossible and just sort of put my foot down as a GM and told him 'no' -- but, is there anything I can find to back me up on that?

Answer: It depends on which "Paired Firearms" skill the character has. Classes like the Gunfighter in Rifts New West are specifically limited to the use of paired handguns (revolvers and pistols), but others, like the Exterminator from Systems Failure, can wield shotguns and rifles in both hands, albeit with a -6 penalty to strike with each weapon.

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Question: On a regular basis I have players in the Palladium Fantasy RPG asking if by the rules they can make a called shot to an opponent's head for a quick kill -- they note you can do it to vampires...

A couple times I've answered that called shot = instant kill does not exist in the mechanics, and if it did it could be used against the characters as well, so is there an actual rule for this?

Answer: A called shot to the head is not necessarily an automatic kill, but it does inflict double damage directly to Hit Points, if the target's head is unprotected.

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Question: I have been having an argument with my GM about thrown weapons and adding your damage bonus from P.S. in Palladium. As far as we can tell the rule is that there is no bonus from strength. We were both wondering if there are any amended rules about it and where. We have most publications and figured we may have missed something somewhere.

Answer: According to RUE, p. 328, the P.S. bonus normally doesn't apply to thrown weapons unless a character has a special ability that allows it to.

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Question: Is there a penalty to shoot at an opponent in close combat range?

Answer: No, but there's a damage bonus at point-blank range.

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Question: So R:UE 361 says that to hit with a gun you have to roll a 8+ now? Has that always been around? I always thought it was 4+ to hit whether in melee or ranged.

Answer: It's a new rule for Rifts, although I think it originally appeared in Splicers. Previous books had also required an 8 or better to strike targets more than 60 feet away.

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