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I've been trying to find a game, preferably Dead Reign but I also know how to play Rifts, Palladium Fantasy & Heros Unlimited. I've Posted on the Roll20 forums and talked to friends about playing the game. I've found 3 possible new players but they get overwhelmed and stop during character creation and stop wanting to play. I've tried explaining it in a different way and getting the person who taught me how to play to explain it and I'm having no luck. Is it this hard for oth… See more

Unread postPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2022 7:36 pm

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Silvermoon does run a Robotech 2nd ed game there.

Robotech: Shadow Adventures.

It is a long running group, in our 2nd game. (I think we've been playing together for about 14 years..
I've been sugesting a new player is needed. But you need to ask Silvermoon.

Answering the OP's question with the canon answer should be done First.
After that you can post your house your house rules.

May you be blessed with understanding,
and the ability to change course when you are off the mark.

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While not my cup of tea EU GM/admin augur runs games on roll 20. Probably the fastest way to reach him is join the PB discord.

Search for Palladium system to find all PB games on roll 20.

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I may debate canon and RAW, but the games I run are highly house ruled. So I am not debating for how I play but about how the system works as written.

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