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Started on Nov 1 - Done today @ 7:30pm CST. Most work done on free weeknights and weekend time, My guess is around 40 hours total build time. I did manage to build 21 battlepods in a total of 6 hours by pre-clipping and building the legs, hips and main body before doing the rest of the assembly. I batched them 3 at a time.

I'm going to do a video talking about the finer points of building the rest of the models soon (I already did a very detailed on Valk Battleoids).

Only fails were the chin guns on the Glaug Officer's - I lost one and broke another filing it so I just decided to leave them off. I didn't lose a single chin gun on the battlepods which is some sort of miracle.

Scout Battlepods were possibly the most painful model to build, but they do look pretty nice done.

All the Guardian-mode valks are pinned to the base by a single foot suspended instead of using the flight stands. End result looks great. The one on the far back-right I originally attached with the included flight stand - which I then broke off after I got pinning materials, hence the big yellow spot.

Next step is to see if I can figure out the 'Puzzle' of the battle foam trays. Sadly they are on a bit of a back-burner to paint as I have a couple projects I want to finish ahead of time, but I don't think they'll be hardcore time-sinks and I do have an Airbrush :)

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