The Arms of Nargash-TorTM

The following is the first adventure supplement ever created for the Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game. This product was originally published in 1984 and was written for the first edition of the game. For those players who are using the 2nd edition we feel it can be easily converted. It is possible we may do the conversions in a future issue of "The Rifter", but for now we thought we'd place this on line for your enjoyment.


Publisher: Palladium Books, Inc.
Writer: Randy McCall
Editors: Kevin Siembieda & Alex Marciniszyn
Typist: Maryann (Donald) Siembieda
OCR and Clean Up Stuff: Thom Bartold & Maryann Siembieda

Arms of Nargash Tor PDF File. This is a complete pdf of the original Arms as it saw print. It's a rather huge file (6 meg) so if you plan on downloading/saving it, it may take some time if you don't have a fast connection.

Otherwise, the following are all of the text files from the book:


The Adventure Begins

The Town and Fort

Northwoods and Inhabitants

The Kobold Road

Prancer's Ruin and Lake Magnys

Rhaznor's Stronghold

G.M. Section


The Arms of Nargash-Tor is published by Palladium Books®. Copyright 1984 (1998) by Kevin Siembieda. All rights reserved under the Universal Copyright Convention.